Loneliness: Leaving No One Behind

Loneliness: Leaving No One Behind

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The Leaving No One Behind campaign invites philanthropists, companies, business leaders, and supporters to join our movement to tackle loneliness and power more connected communities.

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We are delighted to announce that the EQ Foundation is one of our match funders. This means that for every pound you give, there is double the impact.

Our Campaign
For over a decade, The Cares Family has built five local charities and one national movement, bringing together over 25,000 older and younger neighbours to tackle isolation and loneliness.

We need to ensure that our local networks remain spaces that foster connection across ages, areas, backgrounds, and outlooks. The Leaving No One Behind campaign will mobilise our intergenerational communities by:

  • Engaging 1,250 older neighbours whose isolation may have become entrenched since the pandemic.
  • Targeting 1,250 18-24-year-olds, often cited as the ‘loneliest’ age group, to join our community.
  • Supporting those who face the greatest barriers to connection with critical interventions.

We need your support to make this vital work possible. 

£2,500 could identify and invite 78 older neighbours most at risk of social isolation to join a Cares community.

£5,000 could pay for five weeks of Outreach work, to re-engage and connect older and younger neighbours to our network.

£10,000 could fund 50 volunteer inductions across London, Liverpool and Manchester, connecting 1,000 new younger neighbours.